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Thick with jungle, the 741-acre Frégate Island appears a forgotten paradise, save for the 17 villas discreetly situated along its shore. The exclusive private-island resort was the first of its kind in Seychelles, and its 1998 debut marked a turning point for the country’s tourism. "The Seychelles guest experience has undergone a great transformation," says Steve Hill, Frégate’s former ecology manager who is now an independent environmental consultant. Having led various conservation efforts in the islands since 1996—including reintroducing magpie robins and other endemic species to Frégate—the South Africa native has seen firsthand the evolution of Seychelles tourism. "Frégate was one of the first properties to bring high-profile visitors to the islands," says Hill. "It has since sparked a new generation of luxury resorts in Seychelles that continually raises the bar."

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